Organic Meat

All our meat is reared here on our 380 acre coastal farm. Our animals are all reared to the high organic standards set by the Soil Association. Since becoming organic, our fields now produce a lovely mixture of good healthy grasses, clovers and herbage perfect for rearing stock and producing beautifully sweet hay for winter feed. The secret of producing quality meat starts with using the right breeds that best suit our sometimes harsh and frugal coastal conditions, alongside good, skilled and considerate farming practices. We use a small local family abattoir and bring the meat back to the farm where it is well hung and then cut by our excellent butcher.


Aberdeen Angus Beef

Our Calves are suckled on mother’s milk, and then grass fed. Any extra feed required to give the finish for that great marbling and tenderness, is grown on the farm. The finished carcass is then hung for 3 weeks to ensure guaranteed tenderness and flavour.

Free Range Pork from our Large White cross Duroc Pigs

Fantastic flavour, great crackling and we make proper sausages and bacon!

Badger Faced Welsh Mountain Sheep

Forget the garlic and rosemary and leave the mint in the garden. This is the breed that doesn’t need dressing. Originating in the Welsh mountains, it is an ideal breed for dealing with the harsher conditions a coastal farm offers and lambing is effortless.

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