Getting ready to open 2018

I realise that an update on the cafe is well overdue and so I do apologise for this. I am a little behind this year in my preperations to re-open for the coming season for varying reasons from a dash to A & E and a spell in hospital to rotting decking!! 

At this moment, I am looking out at a blizzard - as I am sure you will all know wherever you are in the country, it is rather COLD out there!! Dean is on snow plough duty but with the nature of the snow, we think it would just cause an ice slick out there and then the tractor would get stranded and that would be that! 

The poor garden birds are desperate for food - I keep putting seed out for the ground feeders and fat balls and nuts for the rest. Our 5 feral cats are eating for England and would very much like to become house cats but our collies are not so keen on that idea. Have to remember to keep putting waterout as as all their normal watering spots are frozen over.

So getting back to the cafe, we have a patio to lay, a kitchen to finish and furniture to paint and we are aiming to be open for Mothering Sunday weekend and will, come what may!

So looking forward to seeing everyone here again and I am busy coming up with new recipes to inflict upon you!!!

Here's to a happy, healthy and sunny 2018. See you soon.

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