Easter Time!

Rather predictably, after our long spell of glorious weather, the forecast had to change in time for Easter! Short, sharp showers kept everyone on the move - one minute sitting in a lovely warm sun and the next, diving for cover.This did nothing however, to dampen the spirits of our visitors who just kept arriving in their droves - thank you all for being such a lovely hardy bunch!

We put up easter decs and handed out chocolate easter eggs to excited children. Our baby twin goats also proved a star attraction!

The showers however have not had much of an effect on grass growth out on the farm and the cold nights are not helping either. Our cattle, which are housed during the winter, have still not been turned out due to the severe shortage of grass and we are having to buy silage in at a price to feed them. It looks as though our crop of hay cut in the summer, will be minimal for the third year in a row. The joys of country living! On a positive note, lambing has gone extremely well with no orphans, just lots of happy families frolicking in the fields!

There is still two more weeks for you to be in for a chance of winning the two course lunch for two here at the farm. Thank you to all our Facebook followers who have shown us their support so far. Keep spreading the word!

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